Friday, 6 June 2008

DIY is it taking so long?

This post by Susie Bubble on Johnny Loves Rosie has just reminded me of all the DIY projects that I've got brewing that I've still not got round to.

Johnny Loves Rosie - if you didn't know - do these quirky, totally DIY-able accessories, which are not exactly expensive but not really that cheap either. Seeing their bows and things just made me itch to get to work on some stuff.

However, between the work life and the social life and the blog life and the life life, I just can't seem to find the time to squeeze in my projects. To recap, I want to:

In addition to these, I want to:

  • Make some cute hair accessories from my bits and pieces of ribbon, felt and random other found and habberdashed things
  • Make a summer dress - I found the perfect ditsy-print material with yellow, red and green flowers, for £1 during a recent thrifting expedition. It is currently draped around my tailor's dummy in the hall and everytime I see it my palms itch with anticipation.
  • Try my hand at transfers - I bought some Dylon product called Image Maker, which apparently transfers pictures onto fabric "in three easy stages"! I simply must try it out. I'm thinking a collage from fash-mag images onto a t-shirt would look totally cool. If anyone's ever used this stuff, I'd really appreciate some tips!

So, anyway, this weekend's already looking like a bust as I've got friends and fam cropping up everywhere but I will get started soon and then you can see the sweet - or possibly rancid - rewards of my labour.

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