Monday, 25 February 2008

I'm back!

Alas, my lovely, sunny holiday with the folks is now officially over. I know y'all missed me cause you sent me messages, so... Awww, shucks, thanks. Missed y'all too.

Still it's good to be back with the blog and catching up with all the style goss. I guess the big thing recently has been the Oscars. Though, from what I've seen of the red carpet frocks so far, it doesn't look like anyone was trying to set the world alight with anything approaching an original spark. This is what happens when everyone gets the same stylist. The world becomes a much more boring place. Come back Bjork - and bring that swan outfit with you - all is forgiven!

Anyhoo, so yeah, been on holiday. In Lagos. Land of my forefathers... yada, yada and had a major league enjoyable time. It's not really a place of cutting edge fashion, so nothing to report on there but what was interesting was the burgeoning hip-hop scene. I was blown away by the talent and energy. The video below is called Lagimo, by a group called Rooftop MCs. They're billed as gospel rap but don't let that put you off because they are bloomin' marvellous none the less. This is what I brought back with me from my travels.

And also some amazing ankara print material that I will be working up into some very cool stuff in the very near future. So, enjoy the vid and I'll be back soon.

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