Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shoe Lurve - Topshop Scarlet platform shoe, £65

I love a good platform shoe, I do. And over the past couple of years the High Street has been going absolutely platform mad.

I've recently been burning my way through my future childrens' inheritence by collecting these irrisistable boosts to my ego and height and, just when I think I couldn't possibly need or want another pair, these gorgeous shoes from Topshop turn up.

They're a pretty, simple shape but that lovely pink platform just takes them to the next level. Makes me think of teaming them with something quirky - harem pants, high-waisted shorts, ditsy printed skirts, comic book tees, brightly coloured plastic jewelry/accessories... Or doing something 80s- black with accents of bright colour.

These shoes give me aches of longing in the pit of my stomach. Must have them.

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