Friday, 4 April 2008

At last, some real bargains

Since I moved to the Nethers and realised that I am never, ever getting out of here, I figured I might as well get acquainted with the area. There are quite a few charity shops that I'd been in a few times and then quickly run out of because they were so ridiculously expensive you just know that they have a fashion student volunteer in there somewhere practising mark-up. Seriously, I don't want to go to a charity shop that thinks it's okay, not only to stock Primark/Peacocks cast offs but also try to sell them for £10!

The "boutiques" here are similarly up their own behinds, full of snotty-nosed wannabes selling brash, raggedy, badly thought out dregs of designers collections for more than any sane human being should be willing to pay (no, really, souls have been sold for less). All in all, it's been rather disappointing.

Until yesterday, when I ventured forth into Deludedville and actually found some quite cool stuff that cost very little. I don't know, maybe the fashion student volunteer was on holiday, or (in my dreams) had died in an horrific accident involving overpriced high street cast offs and a malevolent length of tulle... What?! It could happen. *sigh*

What I got:
  • Black Charles Jourdain clutch with red chevron stripe, £2.50 - I liked the look of this clutch already but then I saw the tags, did a double-take and got that sneaky, feral, beady look in my eye. Avarice. It's a deadly sin. Look it up.
  • Vintage green leather bag with square metal handle, £3.00 - a gorgeous green with pink lining. And it exactly matches a pair of Shellys Mary Janes I have - also lined in pink. I love pink and green as a colour combo. It shouldn't work but it does.
  • Gorgeous hand-painted chunky bangle, 75p - It actually fits over my giant man-sized hands, bonus.
  • Ebony and ivory choker, £2 - will look rather spiffy with some safari/tribal gear. Which reminds me, I really must get round to doing something with the African material I brought back from the trip home.
The other good shop I've found in the Nethers is great little haberdasherry which is fantastic for rummaging around and picking up bits of material for DIY. Unfortunately, it's closing down this month - sod's freakin' law. While it's still open I've stocked up on lots of netting, chunky, coloured zips and the like and am currently embarking on a DIY marathon. 

So far, I've made a lovely pouffy (blue net skirt for wearing under skater skirts and over long tops) and I'm doing something clever with zips and a plain blue vest from Primark. Will reveal how-tos and finished products in another post (and as soon as I find my camera, which I know is hiding in one of my bags, darned if I know which one...)

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