Monday, 10 March 2008

Eternal boredom of the sunless mind

So, yeah. I've not been regular with the ol' posts of late. There are reasons for this (aren't there always?) suffice it to say that I am having a bit of a time of it of late. For starters there was the move to the new place (also known as the the nether reaches of the seven rings of hell - the Nethers, for short). Lord! If only I had know how far from the centre of town this place truly is. Why, I might have just decided to stay where I was.

With the move to the Nethers come the daily calls to the ISP guys with much pleading, wringing of hands and sobbing for (please God) a transfer of the internet connection sometime in my future grandchildren's lifetime.

Other annoying things include:
  • trying to get from A to B ("A" being the Nethers) without recourse to a flashlight and food supplies for the inevitable overnight stop-over in a cave somewhere between A and B
  • the continually crappy weather, even though I am reliably informed that it is indeed springtime, which should mean at least a little frickin' sunshine already
  • a combination of no sunshine and just returning from a country where the weather is reliably above 30 degrees centigrade at all times, means that I have also become touched by a major case of the SADs, which in my case manifests itself as being incredibly bored, depressed and antsy at the same time. This led to me embarking on a series of rather questionable DIY projects, one of which is adorning my perfectly lovely patent red wedge courts with stickers from paperchase (they look like the bastard child of a Prada shoe and pearly queen, the horror! picture below) and trying to make various things out of the Ankara material I bought (no, you will never see the pictures)
Spot the difference: above - when bad DIY happens to good shoes, below - Pearly Queen
  • Oh and I'm also broke, so whoopee!
Needless to say, I am not a happy blogger and an unhappy blogger is a bad blogger. Apparently. But I'm hoping to have internet up and running in a couple of days so I'll be able to blog from home, which will make things easier. I've also got a desk lamp with a bulb that will blaze with the light of a thousand suns. I hope. That and my extra chunky duvet and a bumper packet of Haribo jellies should see me through.

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