Friday, 16 November 2007

Shiny, shiny

Blame it on the time of the year but my mind is now firmly on everything shiny, especially accessories. So, I've been scouring the net, looking for shiny stuff to put together in a virtual scrapbook.

Because of the glut of sequinaphernalia that has currently taken over the high street (culminating in horrors like this) I'm sort of over sequins, but I could be persuaded to get one of these.dressed and pressed, sequin Coloured sequin clutch, £45, Oasis

I love the large, shiny, shouty jewellery so imagine my unmitigated joy when I came across Bea Valdes' site. And who could resist this crystal heart clutch.
dressed and pressed, statement jewellery, Bea ValdesStatement jewellery, Bea Valdes; crystal clutch, £45, Accessorize

I'm loving the edgy trend, all those studs, buckles, zips, and high-shine leather are making me come over all tough chick. Pass me a wifebeater, steel capped boots and a grenade. URGH!
edgy chic, studs, zip, dressed and pressedMetal panel clutch, Topshop, £35; bag with chain handle, French Connection, £45; pearl studded bangle, Topshop, £8; leather and metal cuff, ASOS, £10; double buckle belt, Topshop, £28

Winter's hardy perennial, you can't really party without a bit of glam metallic shine now, can you?
dressed and pressed, metallic, accessoriesBeaded clutch, ASOS Luxe, £45; silver and gold panel clutch, Accessorize, £20, elastic panel belt, Topshop, £18

This trend has got me going a little schizo. One part of me is screaming: NO! This is sooo wrong. The other part is going: Hey it's Christmas, live a little, have a laugh, have a beer. Whichever part of me you agree with, these will cause you pleasure or pain, but tis the season. The wreath? It lights up. Gah!
dressed and pressed,accessoriesNovelty earrings (selection), Accessorize; penguin pendant necklace, Boudoir by Disaya.

Next week, I'm doing party shoes.

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