Saturday, 17 November 2007

Designalike: Topshop Vs Burberry Prorsum

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Spot the difference: here's a clue, one pair has waaay more studs

It looks like Burberry Prorsum is the new designer that all the high street want to copy. Can't say I blame them. After all, its take on the fetish trend, that brought us these gloves, is the best thing out there.

I have been coveting the studded platform shoes (and dreaming about robbing banks to pay for them) for a while now. Looks like I'm not the only one, as Topshop has pounced to produce these £65 copies. They're not a bad effort either, the floating platform is a stroke of genius (better than the original?) pity about the lack of stud coverage, though.

They're selling so fast that as at the time of posting only 2 pairs of size 37s remain online. Seeing as 37 is not my size (boo, hiss), I can only exhort those of you with tiny feet to nab them while you can.

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