Thursday, 15 November 2007

Shoe Lurve - ASOS Premium suede lace-ups, £45

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It's always dangerous for me to go window shopping online. I've already got an over-full shoe rack (okay, I mean, floor-drobe) and the number of pairs that I haven't got round to wearing yet is scarily escalating. But it's shoes like these that make me want to whip out the old credit card and spend, spend, spend. So I'm writing a list of pros and cons in order to take my mind of the actual buying of these shoes that I want so much.

  • It's a safe bet that a pair of black shoes will go with anything but so much is dependent on the style. However these ASOS lace-ups have the extra edge. Not only are they so now but here's a pair of shoes with character and versatility.
  • These shoes will do mannish and minx with equal aplomb. Wear with a pair of wide legged trousers or your favourite pencil skirt. Hell, they'll even go with a pretty, girlie frock.
  • At £45, even the price is right.
  • I have never, ever bought anything from ASOS before and dread being utterly disappointed by the real thing turning up in the post and not living up to the glossy, well lit, website images.
  • I have many, many pairs of black shoes, in various styles. I am not exaggerating. I do not need another pair.
  • I have many, many pairs of lace-up shoes, in various colours including the scrumptious raspberry pair I bought online from Topshop two weeks ago. Which I am yet to wear.
  • I have rent to pay and the time for buying Christmas presents is nigh
Looks like the cons outnumber the pros on these. But they are sooo gorgeous. Maybe, if I'm very, very good and strategically wave this post under the nose of a certain bloke, Santa might just give me them for Christmas.

Sometimes Lurve is torture. *Sigh*.

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