Tuesday, 16 October 2007

In pursuit of the awesome Part 2

More of those little things that take an outfit from meh.. to marvellous, from yawnsome to yowza!, from frumpy to fabulous, from doggone to delectable and other selections of words that define making something great out of something ordinary.

6. Brooch The beauty of the brooch is that you can put it anywhere. I've been known to stick them on bags, hats or waist coats for that little something extra. There's no quicker way to personalise your clothing than adding a brooch. Look out for unusual market or vintage finds. Brooches, Treasure Box and Mad About Jewellery

7. Statement necklaceGet hyper dramatic with a big, bold and unusual choker or channel your inner flapper with layers of extra long chains or beads. Necklaces, ASOS and French Connection

8. Skinny jersey polo neck or any thin knit This has been the saviour of many an outfit for me. Looks great with all bustier dresses and short- sleeved tops and tunics when it gets too cold. Poloneck, American Apparel

9. Belts and braces I know that everyone's raving about the wide and waisted variety at the moment but I can't say that I've met a belt that I didn't like. The more variety you've got, the more variety you can put into an overall outfit. For instance, I like wearing two or three skinny patent belts in different colours over a plain dress. And a sturdy leather belt can look great with trousers and a tucked in top. As for braces, my favourite look is skinnies, a plain tee and contrasting coloured braces, although not a good look for those of us with too much up front. Belts, Mango

10. HatsI love hats. The more intricate they are, the harder they are to wear but anyone can wear a beret or a beanie or even a pork pie or bowler. And the people who do that? Always look the best in their outfits. Hats, Urban Outfitters

Ribbon is an amazing and versatile bit of frippery that you can use as belt, head-tie, neck-tie, or shoelaces. If you're a dab hand with a needle and thread, fold it into a rosette or bow, sew a button into the middle and add a safety pin to the back and you've got yourself a broach. Great, huh?

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