Monday, 15 October 2007

In pursuit of the awesome part 1

Today, I'm dedicating myself to finding those little things that take an outfit from meh.. to marvellous, from yawnsome to yowza!, from frumpy to fabulous, from doggone to delectable and other selections of words that define making something great out of something ordinary.

Here is my list of 10 things to make your outfit look awesome

1. Underwear that works This season it's all about the hourglass shape. I don't know about you but I've got a poochie belly and a thick waist. Spanx are my saviour. For other women it's the small boobs or the saggy arse, all of which can be fixed with good underwear. It's not cheating. No one's perfect. The right underwear helps. Underwear, the magic knickers shop

2. Socks or opaque tights
Coloured or patterned socks and tights are great for colour blocking or adding an unusual touch to an outfit. That shot of colour looks great with a peep toe or cut out detail shoe or peepung out of boots. If you feel that your legs are particularly unlovely then the black opaques and black shoes/boots combo works everytime. Added bonus: thick, lycra tights pull you in and create a nice silhouette. Tights, Accessorize; socks, Pantharella and Sox Populi

3. Scarf or tie
A colourful or patterned scarf is the finishing touch I go for when I want to lift a boring work outfit. A scarf adds instant chic, it just works. My favourite scarf is a black and white otted silk one. It's long so ties into a perfect pussy bow and, because it's monochrome, it goes with everything.

If you love the andogynous look, a tie also works well. Add a loosely knotted kipper tie with a bold pattern to a plain work shirt and some slacks and your entire outfit looks instantly more interesting. Ties, Marks and Spencer; scarves, Debenhams

4. Gloves
I've currently got quite an obsession with long gloves. Long satin ones look really cute with a prom dress, while the current glut of elbow length leather gloves make the rock chic look even funkier. But even shorter gloves again in colours or interesting patterns add a little something extra to an outfit. Gloves, Miss Selfridge

5. Waistcoat Don't discount the usefulness of a good waistcoat. The best nip you in at the waist and have a scooped rather than v-neck. Wear buttoned up over loose tunics for instant fit and flare shape. If you like the androgynous look then wear over a mannish shirt or long tee and leggings or skinnies and finish off with high ankle boots or shboots. Waistcoats, Warehouse

I'd love to know what items in your wardrobe you think make your outfits awesome. Write in. Tell me. Send pics. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Tomorrow: my other five awesome items

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