Friday, 17 August 2007

Five of the best... waist cinchers

Here's the thing: there no such thing as too many belts. They have got to be the most versatile and essential of all accessories. They tie together a look and make it something special.

For those of us with tiny waists, any belt will do but for gals with a more boyish/athletic figure wide belts and corset belts are a godsend.

There's a strong emphasis on the waist for Autumn/Winter and luckily, corset belts and wide sashes are all over the high street right now, so grab them while you can. These waist cinchers will pull you right in and give you a waist where you never thought you had one.
Clockwise from bottom: Warehouse oval buckle, £20; Matalan elasticated, £4; Topshop patent, £25; Miss Selfridges sash, £18; Dorothy Perkins twist waist, £15

Some tips:

  • if your going for the cinch, avoid wide belts made of hard leather they don't have enough give to pull you in properly
  • wide elasticated belts are the best for giving you a waist because they act the same way as those big pants do (you know what I'm talking about!) but they look nicer

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