Thursday, 4 October 2007

Five of the best... hats

I love hats but apart from my obsession with berets, I hardly ever wear them. Maybe it's because most of the hats you usually see are either the very boring grannie's-gone-to-church types you get in John Lewis and other department stores or they're those elaborate, unweildy confections that people are conned into buying after seeing something similar at Ladies' Day at the races.

Ah, but there's a trend a brewing. Which means that the hat has landed on the catwalk and the high street and is about to get a whole lot funkier.

After seeing the lovely red felt fascinator from Accessorize, I might just be persuaded to change my mind. Here are the best five I've seen so far.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Clockwise from left: Eugenia Kim knitted, £44; Urban Outfitters felt, £44; Accessorize trilby, £25; Dorothy Perkins jockey, £7; Accessorize jeweled, £22

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