Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My love is thigh high

My little obsession with those Antonio Berardi boots continues apace . Well, not really the boots but that whole tight, black, thigh-high thing. Which means, whenever I come across a pair of black shiny thigh-high boots online, I have to immediately bookmark them.

Luckily, I already have a pair of serviceable over-the-knees (to use the fashion term) that I've owned for years and purchased for a whopping £70 at the time. It was a lot of money then and I had to pay for them one at a time at £35 per boot, over the course of 2 months. I've more than had my money's worth since then, so I guess that's another reason to buy quality over quickly.

Anyway, that's all a bit of ramble since all I really want to do is share my latest fab finds in OTKs to suit every budget.

Gorgeous, platformed and ever-so-slightly over-embellished, these leather beauties are from River Island, £149. Not exactly expensive for a good pair of leather boots but sincerely, if I had that amount to spend I'd be going for...
These from Gianna Moliani, available on Yoox, £118. They're properly shiny and have a nice comfortable block heel, which probably means I'd wear them more often and for longer. They also look like they'd sit really high on the thigh and not just over the knee. A bonus. Thigh cleavage is so not a good look!
These are my favourites and the cheapest at £25.99 from a new site called My1stWish, that was brought to my attention recently. I wouldn't vouch for the quality or the fit (I'm still waiting for samples to try out). Although they look like they're made from latex, the site description doesn't say what material they're made of either but they're shiny and they look tight on the model. I love the look of the platform. It's got a good shape to it and I like that's it's round toe-ed rather than pointed. For the amount, they're probably worth a try.

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