Monday, 6 October 2008

Beautiful freak

I'd wanted to blog about the kinky-as-all-getout, Antonio Berardi heel-less, PVC, thigh-high boots for a while now. But because I could find no readily available pictures that did not involve a certain Mrs Beckham (indeed no available comment that did not involve a certain Mrs Beckham), I'd been stalling.

I'll give VB her props here. She has probably brought Berardi's awesome shoe skills to the attention of the world. But I wasn't quite loving how she wore them. Without those boots that outfit would look pretty lame.

Good thing then that I came across this photoshoot in Telegraph Fashion magazine featuring Irina Lazareanu looking like some sort of futuristic kinky urban goth ninja warrior goddess in those boots. Because, if I had a few thousand pounds to spend on heel-less fripperies, this is how I would wear them. (Click on images to enlarge)

How cool is this leather jumpsuit by Maison Martin Margiela (below)?

Undeterred by the thought of never being able to get my hands on these liqourice lovelies, or actually being able to wear them without falling over, I've been thinking of that whole look and how it may be achieved on a budget wardrobe. I made a shopping list. I reckon you would need:
  • Black PVC/lame leggings
  • Seriously high platform shoes/knee high boots
  • A great deconstructed top
  • An even greater quirky, directional leather jacket
  • Some serious Grrr attititude (got that one)
I've been surfing around the internet looking for said pieces and soon as I get the full compliment, I'll put an outfit together. And just to make things a little more interesting, I'm going to delve into my wardrobe once again to see if I can pull something together without spending anything. All that, coming soon...

Image credits:
Beckham image via
All other images from Telegraph Fashion magazine Autumn Winter 2008

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