Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Designalike: Gucci Vs Primark


You'd be forgiven if you're looking at these two shoe images right now and thinking: "what's the diff?" Because that's exactly what I thought. Here is the simple answer:

On the top we have a £585 Gucci shoe. Available from all fine purveyors of designer gear. Obviously made of leather.

On the bottom, we have a £15 Primark almost exact replica shoe (apart from the fact that it has two buckles). Available from most local high streets. Possibly not made of leather.

The next question is, which pair do you think most people are going to buy? Answers on a postcard please.*

*Or in the comments box (thereby saving yourself time and money)

ADDED NOTE: In the flesh, the shoes tuned out to not be very good. See my review here

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