Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What is up with... the rolled up boyfriend jean?

Oh, come on! When Katie Holmes first appeared in public with short flicky hair and wearing what appeared to be the cast off jeans of some old (and possibly tall) wino bunched up in an unpretty donut roll around her legs, I laughed.

How I laughed, but even then there was an uneasy air to my hilarity. Surely, I thought to myself, no one would take this seriously enough to copy it. Surely, I further thought, no one with an iota of common (let alone fashion) sense was going to think that this was a trend or think that it was ever okay to do that. Surely, the world could not be that mad.

Turns out the joke's on me. For suddenly, Katie Holmes' former fashion faux pas is now a "trademark look". WTF? Take a look, people. Katie Holmes is a hot mess!

(Click on images to enlarge)
Sadly this hasn't stopped Acne Jeans from thinking it's a good idea:
So I fully expect to see this look around and about this season. And it'll take all of my already considerably frayed willpower to stop me from walking up to said offenders and shouting:"What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you not see how very, very wrong this look is?" while belting them around the head with random found objects.

Now, let's get this straight. I see nothing wrong with schlepping around in a pair of Boyfriend jeans or even you're boyf's jeans (if you have one or if they fit) but the sloppy, donut bunch around the ankles? That would be a... No. Because, at the end of the day, you just can't polish a turd.

Katie Holmes images courtesy: Go fug yourself and Handbag
Boyfriend Jeans image courtesy: Acne Jeans

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