Friday, 3 October 2008

Ack! I've been Primarked

Despite all my good intentions with the not spending more money and the focussing on the stuff already in my wardrobe, I've fallen at the feet of the mighty Primark monster.

I went there to check out the Gucci-alike shoes. They are rubbish. I mean really, really cheap looking - which, yeah, what do you expect for £15 but also, I've bought Primark shoes before and really, these are just cheap and tacky to look at. Disappointment.

I noticed that didn't stop anyone else buying them though. There was one woman who was stock-piling the shoes as if there was a famine coming and these shoes were on the menu. They'll possibly turn up in some market somewhere. Ebay, maybe? Trust me, don't bother. Buy something else, er, like I did.

Well I say, something but I believe the accurate term would be somethings. Because as soon as I had got into the store and been thoroughly disappointed by the Gucci-alikes, I became totally overwhelmed by the wall to wall shoe-age. Long story short, I am now the proud owner of some Primark red, faux-patent foldover pixie booties, purple faux-patent shboots, aaand black snow boots.

What do I want snow boots for? I don't know. I just took one look at them and a sleeker, taller image of me in shiny black leggings and other suitably frozen-tundra-chic garments, finished off with my new Primark snow boots, flashed before my eyes. I will. Make them work.

Silver lining? I only spent £35. Result.

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