Monday, 18 August 2008

Doily good fun

A while back someone* did a post about designers using doilies as embelishments in their work (don't ask me who, cause I don't remember and all my searches have come op with zilch. If it was you, let me know and I'll do a link).

I do remember thinking it would be cool to do some doily DIY. So I went off to my favourite charity shop in the outer Nethers to see if I could procure for myself some fine doily-ware. And wouldn't you know? They had loads. I got about 1o for £1.50!

Since I have now developed a full-blown passion for , um, "interesting" headware, I thought I'd set to work making myself a doily headband.

Here are the results:
Huzzah, I finally found a use for one of my hundreds of buttons!

Yes mother, I do appear to be wearing a load of doilies on my head

Cool huh? It's totally impractical, as that many doilies is quite heavy and the headband they're attached to is quite light, so I have to balance my head just-so to keep it from falling off (band, not head).

My social life has very little call for a "mad hatters tea party" type shindig but if that ever happens I'll be ready. For now, I'll just wear it in the garden with a pretty frock while channeling a slightly less crazy and decrepit Miss Haversham.

*UPDATED TO ADD: That someone turned out to be Rowena at Rosiepop, check out her doily post here

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