Saturday, 28 June 2008

Thrifting in the outer-Nethers

This week I had a little thrifting time, so I took myself off to my favourite charity shop in the outer-Nethers (or CSitO-N as will be known from now on) and set myself a strict £5 budget.

One of the reasons why I love the CSitO-N so much is because it's larger than the average and filled - but not overfilled - with all sorts - from bric-a-brac to doilies to bits of cloth, as well as the usual clothes, bags and shoes combo.

They don't filter out the less fashionable stuff and they don't overprice, which makes for a satisfying bit of rummaging and the chance of a real bargain. My £5 budget was ample.

I found a vintage suitcase with leather trim and bakelite handle for £3! (click on image to enlarge) Vintage suitcases are brilliant for storage. I've been looking for an affordable one of these for ages. When I do come across one, it's usually teeny and wildly overpriced.

This one's quite large - 26x15 inches - and 10 inches deep. I just need to figure out which of my bits and bobs I'm going to store in it.

I also found an adorable picnic case for 75p. It's about the size of vanity case and has pretty red gingham lining. And for those of you who've been following my DIY frustrations with the sewing machine, you'll appreciate the delicious sense of irony when I picked up a book called A-Z of the Sewing Machine for 50p.

So, a satisfying rummage, marvellous buys and I still had change left from a fiver. Result.

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