Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tee and cake - DIY slogan t shirt

I've been seeing a lot of of oversized white tees around this summer and coveting that whole slouchy tee over leggings/shorts/jeans look.

I really like the one's with some sort of funky line drawing. I saw a huge blouson-ey Betsey Johnson one in Urban Outfitters for £200 and for a hot minute I actually considered buying it - such was the awesome power of its loveliness. Thank God I came to my senses!

I also like the idea of a slogan tee - a la Katherine Hamnet - but I also have a problem with slogan tees in that, well, you just end up wearing someone else's slogan.

Some t-shirts I like (clockwise from top): Betty Jackson for EJF; Smiley face, Religion;
smiley face, Topshop; face print, Lanvin

So, how to get the white, slouchy slogan tee, with a personalised slogan, written exactly the way you want it and decorated to your own exacting standards? DIY.

I got a large white tee in the H&M sales for £2 and set to work on in with some Dylon fabric paint pens that I've had for freakin' ever. I got them from John Lewis, so long ago now that I don't even know whether they sell them anymore. But you can get good fabric paints from any art shop/haberdashers.

I then went to a website that let's you download some funky fonts for free, the font I used is called Cheri Liney and you can download it and others here.

I wrote my logo in Word, set it to the size and font I wanted and printed it out. Then I traced each letter individually onto the t-shirt - you get more flexbility on your layout that way. Needless to say, you need a transparent white tee for this, although if you get a line font, you can cut it into stencils, if your aiming to paint on a coloured/not transparent tee.

Here is my DIY slogan and line drawing tee, I drew the cup cake free-hand but you can also print out a drawing and trace it:

I love the way it's come out

"Feel better eat cake" - it's full of yummy wisdom

hand-drawn cup cake

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