Thursday, 22 May 2008

Rewind, refind and reprise

Continuing my trawl into the depths of my wardrobe, courtesy of the neverending unpacking - I "found", this skirt, that I bought on a whim from French Connection a few summers back. I felt it was a bit on the short side and didn't really match anything I owned - that I could find!

However, seeing a this summer looks promising, I'll team it with this loose, khaki jersey dress from American Apparel - another buy that's barely worn (believe me when I say: they are legion). I found it a bit flimsy for wear on it's own outside of a beach and I'm not really into wearing something this loose as a top with jeans. Still, as a combo they go well together. The dress, peeking out below the skirt gives me some modesty "down below" and on top, complements the bright colours of the skirt perfectly. While the skirt hides the visible panty line and adds some colour.

Hey presto! New outfit. I'm going to wear it with my peach, rose-print flats. And thanks to everyone who wrote to say how much they adored the flats, by the way.

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