Wednesday, 16 April 2008

What is up with... designer uselessness

Sometimes I forget just how silly fashion is; how insignificant it really is in the grand scheme of things. It's a thing of whimsy and caprice; constantly changing. What's in today is out tomorrow, red is the new black, navy is the new plaid, etc, etc, whatever.

But I also freely admit that it's fun, that it fulfils a natural human need to adorn, to beautify, to be seen and to be adored. When it's taken too seriously you get things like stampedes on the high street and grown ladies who should know better staging impromptu sit-ins at Balenciaga. But, for the most part, it's a diversion that does nobody any lasting harm.

I like fashion. I like style. I think that shopping for clothes and dressing up as therapeutic measures or looking at fabulous people in beautiful clothing, is highly underrated.

However, sometimes fashion goes a little bit too far up it's own backside even for me. Now, you know I like the crazy. Hell, I think everyone should have a little bit of of the crazy. But there's crazy but useful and then there's just plain ol' crazy. The items below fall into the latter category for me.

Armand Bassi pom pom shoe - what? It's not hard enough to walk in heels without dragging that crap behind you too?

Chloe purse - I... really don't know how this is supposed to work. It looks like it should come with a manual.

Chanel ankle purse - I think Karl Lagerfeld is a genius but this is stretching into mad genius territory.

Chanel two-fingered glove - Unkle Karl's at it again. These gloves may keep your two fingers slightly warm when your flipping Karl the reverse V-sign. Other than that? I've got nothing.

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