Friday, 19 October 2007

That Balenciaga blazer

I saw this little tidbit on today:
MURDER ON THE SHOP FLOOR: THE "It-item" creating havoc in stores this week? Balenciaga's cutaway stripe blazer. One woman, who was not on the waiting list for the £1295 jacket, refused to move until she was sold one in Harvey Nichols – and staff are considering bringing in extra security until the stock clears over the next few days.
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My mind was suddenly filled with images of fashionistas worldwide staging sit-ins a la Emily Pankhurst and demanding their right to shop. Which made me smile.

No doubt, there will be scores of designalikes on the high street very soon. In fact, I think I read somewhere that Peacocks were already on the case. And I've noticed that Primark are already doing a roaring trade in faux fur stoles. I sense a clone trend coming on where every other girl you meet will be mimicking the Balanciega look, which, of course, has put me right off.

However, that didn't stop me from combing the internet for interesting looking jackets. I found some pretty cool looking ones.

Clockwise from top: Warehouse tux, £65; All Saints buttoned (front and back), £195; Warehouse asymmetric, £50; ASOS two-tone, £85

I am totally besotted with the All Saints jacket. Look at the little tail and all those buttons!

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