Tuesday, 10 April 2007

It's happening - soon someone will die

Of course I don't want to be alarmist but just as I predicted actual bodily harm is now being committed in the name of shopping.

Primark's flagship store in Oxford Circus opened to a crowd of mad women hopped up on hormones and a rumour of half price offerings (at Primark? Really? £8 for a dress not cheap enough for you? Jeez!) almost killing each other (and anyone in the near vicinity) to get to the clothes.

Again ladies, I am saying: enough already! If you don't buy these clothes today, they will be there tomorrow. And, if they are not, guess what? There will be others just like them all around the country just waiting to be bought.

Let me just add that I am still fully expecting at least one death for the Kate Moss collection opening at Topshop in May (see "don't forget" list in the side bar). Maybe that'll knock some sense into us.

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