Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tribute to Marimekko at H&M

Finding myself with a few spare hours on my hands yesterday, I decided to put them to good use by checking out the Marimekko tribute collection at H&M. I was expecting frenzied shoppers would've scooped up the best of the collection but was surprised to find everything featured on the website (and on countless blogs) was still there. I'm not sure exactly when the collection hit stores, but it didn't look to me like they were doing a roaring trade.

There may well be a reason for this. While normally I love loud colours and prints, these clothes weren't quite doing it for me. It had something to do with the shapes. It seemed to me that the entire collection had been done with far taller girls than me in mind. The heavy skirts, though quite fetching, were too long and and overwhelming, the three-quarter length trousers were not the most flattering and the tops were a little bland and predictable.

What I did like though, were the accessories- a great pair of colourful geometric earrings, a huge breastplate of a necklace made from layered, metal discs, matching fabric covered disc necklace and chunky bangle, and two tone giant sunglasses that came in their own pouch, were my favourites.

So my advice to you is, if you're not tall and you still want a bit of Marimekko in your wardrobe this summer, make a beeline for the accessories before all the best bits are gone.

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