Saturday, 17 November 2007

So fugly! Rosanna Arquette, desperately seeking a stylist

rosanna arquette, desperately seeking susan musical, dressed and pressed, so fuglySo Rosanna, is that a tent in your dress, or are you just pleased to see me? Images courtesy

I happen to think Rosanna Arquette is a stone cold fox. At her age most women are entering that twilight fashion phase of tailored dresses and well-cut trouser suits. But not our Rosanna. No, she's still rocking the thigh high boots and... the parachute!

Because what else can I call that pug ugly piece of fabric that is currently masquerading for a dress that Ms Arquette has insisted on wearing to the London premiere of Desperately Seeking Susan - the musical. Did she do it for a bet? Did she sky-dive into the premiere? Was she going camping and decided to wear the tent?

She could've done with some of that "bingo wing" material, to make herself a decent skirt.

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