Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Designalike River Island vs Burberry Prorsum

It's sod's law, isn't it? I have spent the last month running all over town trying to find myself a pair of gloves like these from Burberry (but eminently more affordable because £450 is cheap for my kidneys).

So anyhoo, I've probably spent about £100 on various lookey-likey-not-quite-likeys, when River Island go and bring their £30 (because, let's face it guys, that penny back in change that I'm getting on a £29.99 item is an insult to the both of us. Just call it what it is. That charade is O-V-A).

Sorry, digressions - long day, bad temper - where was I? Yeah, River Island have come out with the closest to these gloves that I have seen yet and I have sworn on my forefathers' whatevers that I am buying no more gloves this year. That's right, I said it. No. More.

They do look cute though, so I'm going to wear them vicariously through y'all because I know your going to buy them. But be quick, apparently bloomin' LOOK magazine love them and you know what that means: out of stock pretty sharpish.

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