Saturday, 27 October 2007

So fugly!? Victoria's Secret Lace up Bootie, $84

Okay guys, I need some help here. These shoes, are they fugly or just... different? I can't decide.

On the one hand, I'm thinking: A carpet, a brogue and a kilt had a wild party, drank a few too many tequilas, got into some kinky shit and then had a baby... Eww!

On the other hand, I'm thinking: I like the shape and the cute little peeptoe, love the chunky heel and the platform, and the red ones look kinda cool. They could go well with simple black skinnies and a tee.

Then, I remember that this is how I ended up with these disasters. Some nights, I still lay awake reliving the horror. *shudder*.

So, what's it to be? Fugly or Fabulous? Help me decide, before bad things happen. *cue ominous music, thunder and lightening, and the distant sound of plaintive wailing*

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