Friday, 26 October 2007

Ethel Austin website, computer says...

Oh, hell no!

I picked up a copy of Grazia this week. I'm not in the habit of doing this but I had nothing to read and they were doing of those desperate £1 offers of there's so I bought it.

Anyway this post isn't about them. Although if you want to read about how these magazines are scamming you, read this post by Mrs F.

"Best kept secret on the high street!" and most likely to stay that way

Yeah, where was I... Grazia. They had a promotion in the magazine about a new fabulous Ethel Austin website that simply was a must see. It looked interesting, the clothes looked cute and affordable. They could give the fast-fashion purveyors a run for their money, I thought. Naturally, I got all excited

So I've just checked out their website and... WTF??? Holy bad HTML Batman, this site is appalling. I mean really, really, bad. Worse than the New Look or Primark websites. Most of it doesn't even work.

I can't believe they spent good money to advertise this site in a weekly glossy when (as the Dutch man says in those Grolsch adverts) "it's not ready!" They say that they are entering a new age, updating their image on the high street and online but I have got to tell you: advertising a website this fugly, that doesn't even work? This does not bode well because I'm sure I'm not the only sucker who has visited that site on the back of the Grazia piece, and it sucks so bad, that I know I am not going back there in a hurry.

Let this be a lesson people. Don't advertise what you can't sell. It's not big, it's not clever, and nobody likes an empty promise.

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