Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The fugly shoes I bought in New York

This is one of my many, many shopping abroad disasters. I cannot believe that I thought they were cute. No really. Check out the pom-pom laces. Pom-pom. Laces. Y'all. And the suede fringe over the ridiculous patterned vamp and the M logo... Urgh!

I bought these in Manhattan - first mistake - for far more than they are actually worth. I wore them out that evening and nearly lost both feet to loss of circulation.

My only excuse for buying these monstrosities is that they are red and the curved heels look pretty cool but far, far too much is going on in this one shoe. I keep them at the back of the wardrobe. Every time I see them I shudder.

Let this be a cautionary tale to you; when travelling don't buy shoes unless you are really, really sure you want to keep them. Better still, just don't buy shoes.

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