Friday, 21 September 2007

Glove love

The humble glove. Never really seen in summer, it comes into it's own as soon as it starts getting nippy and pockets just don't cut it anymore. But gloves aren't just for hand warming, darlings. They are so fashion.

Like socks and tights, they are an additional bit of colour in my ever-expanding accessories wardrobe. I love them and I thought I'd share the love. So, here are some of my gloves. My favourites are the black velvet hand gloves. They're the closest that I'll probably get to the gloves that I covet so bad right now, the Burberry leather zipped ones, a snip at £450! That's monthly rent y'all.

If anyone knows of some viable (read, cheap) alternatives, then I'm open to suggestion. And also, I'm going to shut up about gloves now.

Five of the best... long gloves
Five of the best... short gloves

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