Saturday, 12 May 2007

Late night shopping picks of the week - 12 May

Well now that I've got it... Images clockwise from top: daisy skirt, the offending playsuit, cork wedges, wood heel pumps

Another weekend, another round of late night shopping. And it's a good 'un because this week I returned to Primark, Oxford Street.

The last time I wrote about it, I believe I made myself very clear about how much I loath the place. But something was calling to me, so finding myself with free time, I went.

Not much has changed, it's still too big and still full of cheap clothes. Less crowds this time though and I could actually make it to the shoes and accessories without having to carve a small tunnel through a three foot deep wall of bargain hunters, so... yay!

I found a very cute pair of black patent pumps with wooden heels for £12 and a khaki canvass shopper for £4 and an Orla Keily-esque printed shopper, also £4. In a bow to my latest futuristic trend fetish I also snaffled a pale gold, silk bomber jacket, £12. My tally so far: £32. Anywhere else and you're talking one dress and maybe a pair of cheap earrings. You have to hand it to Primark, it's a great place to go when you need retail therapy without a huge debt problem.

All this cheapness was starting to get to me though. I felt the black fug of shopmania descend and I started filling my basket with all sorts and somehow while all this was happening, I managed to end up buying... A playsuit!

I know! I know I ranted at length about the impracticality, the baby-ish-ness, the pee issue... but guys, I just couldn't help myself. There it was looking all cute with the blue and white candy stripes. So I bought it.

I think £5 is a cheap enough price to pay for getting that particular piece of shopping madness out of my system. So, yeah. I'll wear it on holiday with the supercute blue cork wedgies I got from New Look, £20. Then that'll be the end of it.

Ooh, I could also wear it with the Once Upon A Time daisy skirt I've just ordered from topshop. Then that'll be the end of it.
Barbarella belle. The high street's gone metal

Speaking of New Look, if you haven't been in there lately maybe you should. They have got some really gorgeous new shoes in at the moment, so check it out.

All things metallic have hit the high street in a big way. I say hotfoot it down to Miss Sellies for some metallic converse-alike sneakers, £20.

At Karen Millen, I was caught in the glare of the beautifully cut metallic dresses. Very Barberella but at £140 each, I thought I'd maybe come back when I got that money from donating my body to science. Until then, I have the photos to drool over.

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