Friday, 13 April 2007

late night shopping picks of the week - April 13

What fools these mortals be - queuing to shop at Primark

Welcome to another late night shopping round up, your handy dandy guide to what’s in store this weekend. But first, let me interrupt your regular update with a late breaking rant about the Primark flagship store on Oxford Street because I have had enough of it.

I went to check it out today, only to find that they had put guard rails around the entrances and were having people queue (yes, queue) to get in, like some two bit, overblown members club.

Needless to say, I was outraged. Who ever heard about anyone queuing for a regular late night shop? No really, what the hell is Primark up to? What really made my jaw drop was that people were, actually queuing. To get in. To Primark. People! Have you no shame?

I, of course, was having none of that. This is Oxford Street for God’s sake. Places to shop abound. So I popped across the road to Evans to check out the new Georgina Goodman collection.

Maybe after being put in a hot fug by bloody Primark (bloody, bloody, bloody Primark. Haaate!) I was feeling a tad irritable, but the collection doesn’t look as good in the flesh as it did online.

Maybe it’s because, and rightly so, the shoes are made with a larger woman in mind (though I have to question this whole, larger shoes for larger ladies business, because… honestly, do bigger women have fatter feet? No, I’m serious. Answers to me by email please). Anyway, big shoes, not so pretty close up.

Also checked out New Look. I have to say that the Giles Gold collection that people were almost maiming themselves to get to? Tonnes of it. Everywhere. Looking forlorn. So, hee!

I did find a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, £25, which looked particularly good on. Otherwise it’s just tunic/smock city and you all know I am not feeling that at the moment.

Next up was River Island, which still has its mid-season sale on. I spent a pleasant few minutes rummaging for bargains and came away with a lovely leather bomber reduced to £40. It’s still well worth checking it out for that overlooked bargain. Their leather thong slippers, £19.50, also caught my eye. Simple but pretty. I’d snap up the silver ones.

The high point of my evening’s shop was in no other than trusty old M&S. Now, I always have a problem with clothes from the Per Una line – too flouncy, too boring, too old - but I was surprised to find a rather natty looking black and white frock jacket that could go either way on my must-have list. I loved the cut. Not sure about the trimmings though. Take a look for yourself (above).

M&S also had some great shirts. I particularly liked the classic white bib fronted one, and the striped one shown here. I also liked the stripy knit top, in earthy colours and metallic thread, £25. Very cute.

A trip to H&M wasn’t wasted, as I came across some quite nice accessories, such as a crystal pendant on long silver chain, £2.99, some silver hair grips, £1.99 and a lovely extra-long jet bead necklace, £1.99.

Finally, I made it back to Primark when the scrum outside had abated. First of all, let me just say the place is enormous and was absolutely heaving with bargain hunters. There were cheap clothes everywhere. Very few of which I would actually consider buying.

It may be my earlier annoyance talking but I hated it. It's more like a theme park than a store. It's definitely being marketed as a tourist "experience", what with queuing and stuff.

Still, I gamely made a beeline for the shoes and accessories. Oh dear. Hiroshima, after the bomb, anyone? I did manage to find a passable pair of red lace up pumps – worth buying since they were only £4. Oh, and I got some socks. Because, why not?

And that pretty much sums up Primark, Oxford Street for me: good for cheap socks. Bloody, bloody, bloody Primark. Haaate!

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