Sunday, 4 March 2007

What is up with... Playsuits

dressed and pressed, clothing, playsuit, babyPlaysuit. The word immediately brings to mind babies in those fleecy, all-in-ones that look so cute.

The grown up version that is currently in fashion, however, is a whole new different sack of nappies. This item of clothing, that looks like the bastard child of a dress and a pair of shorts, leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, it looks cute on the models but I can't help thinking about the practicalities here.

Picture this: you're at the club, you've got your playsuit on and you're looking kinda fly. You have a few drinks. Nature calls. In fact, nature has entered the building and made itself cosy and is demanding service. You rush to the loo and, oh! you're going to have to take off you're entire outfit to take a piss. The clock is ticking, nature is pressing, before you know it, you've pissed yourself. Not so cute now, are you?

See what I mean? I'm just saying, even the kiddies' playsuits makers have the good sense to put in easy access buttons for taking the things off in a hurry. So, here's a thought... how about maybe we just leave the playsuits to the sprogs?
dressed and pressed, clothing, women, playsuit

Flower Friends bodysuits, Babies r us, £4.99 pack of three (above)
Hooded jersey playsuit, Topshop, £20 (right)

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