Saturday, 28 March 2009

Quick housekeeping update

I've been using blogrolling for my links for years now but last year they started fannying around with the system and doing what they called :"updating", which turned out to be another word for: "sneakily adding advert to you links" and also meant that I couldn't update my links for months, motherf*ckers!

Anyway, the upshot of that is that I'm taking all the links down and reverting to Blogger links in future, so if you suddenly notice that there are no links, fear not. They shall reappear shortly, new and improved. The will also be updated. If you've asked me before to update your link and it hasn't happened yet, sorry, and now's your chance to remind me again.

TO ADD: Phew. All done bar the shopping links, which I'm thinking of ditching anyways (any thoughts?) If I've left you off the list, please let me know and I'll add you in. BTW got a comment from the folks at Blogrolling telling me I'm wrong and stating their case. Like I give a rats arse. You're gone. That is all. You can read their comment in the comment box... No, wait... I deleted it. Ha ha!

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