Saturday, 28 March 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M preview

I'll state for the record now: I'm not a huge fan of Matthew Williamson's designs. That whole "Club Tropicana does Eurotrash in a floaty dress and jewelled tones by the Riviera" look is not really where my own personal style mojo lives.

So I can't say that I was particularly excited to hear that he was doing a summer collab with H&M. It just doesn't strike me as being anything special, and it's sort of done already. Afterall, for years now, he's been one of the Designers and Debenhams and you can always pick up something from his Butterfly range there. So where's the wow factor here? What would make me want to buy into this particular collection?

Having seen the preview images from H&M, I've got say the answer is: I don't know. The clothes are okay but nothing we haven't seen before. It would have been interesting to see something a little more edgy, maybe even boundary pushing, especially after the Commes des Garcons collab last year. But I'll be real, edgy is not what Williamson, does.

So my other question is: What was H&M thinking? Do they really think their consumer base is that boring? And how much will they be expecting us to pay for this?

Anyway, here are some preview images. What do you think?

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