Thursday, 26 March 2009

Designalike - YSL Vs Topshop

YSL Caged Heels, £905

I have seen these caged boots from YSL so many times now that they are firmly imprinted on my subconscious. I full expect to one day sleep-walk to the nearest YSL store, order a pair and then calmly go back to bed, bankrupt and unaware. I'm also fully aware that the entire high street has tried to make something approximating the caged heel's charms.

Topshop caged heels, £70

The most passable copies I've seen out there so far are these from Topshop. We've all had a look at the original caged shoe and marvelled at the feat of engineering involved. So have Topshop by the looks of it and have opted for an easier and no doubt cheaper heel alternative. Still, good effort considering.

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