Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I want it now! Liberty of London Bug Shirt

Bug-ger me! Now normally, I hate bugs. They are evil. Think about it: they have flappy, buzzy wings and they mostly bite and they have hive minds - all the better to club together on some balmy night and smother us all in our sleep... OH LORD, THE BUGS ARE COMING. THE BUGS!

It's the one thing I hate about summer, all those creepy crawlies mistaking your fascinator for a flower and trying to pollinate you; wasps buzzing around with an evil glint in their big shiny eyes... Yeuch!

Which is why I can't believe that I am actually genuinely liking this bug shirt. It's a great alternative to the ubiquitous floral look and even though it's got cockroaches and beatles and all sorts on it, they all look so colourful and cheerful and friendly that they can't possibly be scary.

Unless... they've been planted there by an evil bug genius who plans awaken them all from their summer shirt slumber some balmy night and make them smother us all to death in our sleep...

Okay. Must watch less scary movies.

The shirt's from Liberty of London, and if you've got a spare £175 left lying around - as we all, no doubt, do - it'll be the talking point of your summer. Unless the bugs get you first...

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