Monday, 19 January 2009

Doing it white

I am not a huge fan of white clothing. It seems to be the preserve of those impossibly chic people who call white shirts a "staple" and holiday on yachts. Besides, and despite what the many washing powder adverts would have you believe, it's hard to keep whites white.

In other words, white clothing is a faff and I try to steer well clear of it. So I can't believe in the past week I have bought not one, but two white items of clothing. The first, is a white long-sleeved t-shirt in the Zara sales. It's the shape that drew me to it - sort of slouchy up top and fitted towards the bottom - a great shape for wearing with big slouchy trousers.

The other item is a pristine white TM Lewin shirt, thrifted for £1. I like the long tail at the back and the fact that it has holes for cuff links. I used to collect cuff links when I was younger and still into my Drag King look but I have no idea where all that stuff has ended up, so I had to make some new ones out of metallic elastic and mismatched metal buttons to wear it.
As I mentioned, I've also been getting my DIY on with with a beautiful grey cashmere sweater, that I cropped, altered the neckline and shortened the sleeves. It's now a crop sweater with matching snood. It looks particularly good with both the white shirt and t-shirt.

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