Monday, 19 January 2009

About last week

So, you've probably been wondering where the hell I've been over the past week. Well, let's see...
  • I've been job hunting, as my last work contract ended just before Christmas. So I've been doing the round of interviews, etc. (BTW if you know anyone who could use a an experienced Web Editor/Manager/Copywriter with added technical and design knowhow, please tell them that I'm available to anyone who's paying!).
  • The lease is up on the house in "The Nethers", so the bloke and I have been house-hunting and managed to find a great place nearer to actual civilisation (with it's own cinema and everything!) and are now doing that entire angsty, stressy, expensive, moving thing again. What japes! 
  • Because money is tight, I've also been doing my best to avoid shopping - very hard, especially during sales time. I've ended up making a few sneaky buys but mostly I've confined myself to a new addiction to buying old sweaters at thrift shops for various bits of DIY-ing (more of that to come in other posts).
  • Speaking of addictions, after a long and loving friendship, I have finally given up smoking (or "fellating the evil cancer weed", as I liked to call it in my darker moments of reflection). I am currently fighting my addiction with nicotine replacement, delivered in a handy-dandy inhalator (why it's called an "inhatalor", as opposed to your common or garden variety "inhaler", remains a mystery ). It's white and shaped oddly like a cross between a cigarette holder and a tampon dispenser. I realise that might sound disgusting but when compared to smoking a mixture of formaldehyde, tar and tobacco, it's a fair trade-off, I think. I'm looking forward to fresher air, cleaner lungs and a life-long addiction to nicotine replacement.
In other news, one of my favourite bloggers Liberty London Girl is back. Yay! Catch up on all her adventures so far, here.

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