Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I want it now! See by Chloe knit dress, £100 (sale) @Browns

It's true what they say: "age ain't nothin' but a number." What "they" don't necessarily tell you is that the flipside to looking young and beautiful for longer (like me) is that it kinda turns you into a big kid.

Which should be okay, but it's not because you are not a big kid. You are a grown up with reponsibilities and duties, and you just need to grow up already and start taking life a bit more seriously before you die!

Or so I've heard.

One of these supposed functions of being a grown up is to buy grown up clothes, which means not throwing away the housing deposit on one trip to Primark but instead saving for a wear forever "investment piece" (AKA blow the entire month's rent on a dress you'll wear once and then toss to the back of your wardrobe as long as it's designer). Which is why I have resolved to buy one grown up, investment piece before I die.

There's never been a better the time to do it, while stunned retailers everywhere declare silly season on their merchandise in order to shift as much as possible before the financially crippled masses stop buying altogether. Basically, designer clothing is going for dirt cheap these days, so why not "invest" now?

However, being the big kid I am, I still can't help gravitating towards the primary coloured, fun-looking, one-season-wonder fare. Like this dress:

It's gorgeous and totally unsuitable as an investment piece. In other words, it's perfect, I'll take it.

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