Wednesday, 10 December 2008

December Daily Outfits - 9 December 2008

Sometimes, I just feel like dressing up in a way that won't necessarily be expected or even conventionally pretty but just impactful and fun and well, different. It's not to everyone's taste but then vanilla ice cream is to everyone's taste and that's boring too.

So, here I'm channelling Sally Bowles out of Cabaret via Alice in Wonderland, so I guess you could call it "Sally in Wonderland". The, frankly, fantastic red faux snake sandals are from an online shop called ami club wear, which I recently discovered and have now totally fallen in love with. Sadly, it's US based and I can't bear the shipping/tax hassles but you can check it out.

Skirt, bowler and sequin playsuit, Topshop
Jacket and bag, Miss Selfridges
200 denier black opaques, Accessorize
Fabulous platform sandals,

And, yes, the outfit's a day late. I've been busy. Soz.

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