Monday, 8 December 2008

December Daily Outfit 8 December 2008

There is always at least one gig to go to before Christmas, which usually means dragging on a pair of jeand and a fancy top. But if you generally like to make a bit of an effort, thereby standing out and looking infinitely cooler than anyone else, try this outfit.

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The prissy little peplum skirt from River Island is just begging to be toughened up, the rocker tee does just that. Flouro may well be passe in some circles but layered under the net tights an dteamed with these gorgeous zipped and buckled boots, it looks just right. The cardigan is for warmth and a bit of sparkle. Afterall, it's Christmas time.

Skirt, River Island
Tee, Topshop
Flouro and net tights, both Love Colour Love
Chunky bangle, ASOS
Skull bracelet, Topman
Boots, Aldo

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