Thursday, 4 December 2008

December Daily Outfit - December 4, 2008

I'm pretty sure that anyone who saw Emma Watson's outfit at the opening of Somerset House ice rink would agree that she looked super cute. It the perfect example in how to bring some style into Christmas proceedings. I thought I'd try my take on dressing for a skater date.

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The main objective of an outfit like this is to look goo while being toasty warm. I think this skater dress by Louise Goldin for Topshop is quintessentially skater date and is sort of the centrepiece of the outfit. I would layer another skater skirt in a complimentary colour (this one's silver) underneath for added warmth and interest.

I'm digging chunky snoods as an alternative to scarves, and you don't have deal with getting your scarf caught in your skates. The wooly legging add texture and the legwarmers could be use as arm warmers. The coat is warm and funky-utilitarian and the high tops add a dash of colour.

Dress, skater skirt and wool leggings, Topshop
Coat, snood and legwarmers, H&M
Converse high tops, Office
Beanie hat, River Island

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