Friday, 5 December 2008

This garment will save your life... Kinda

Okay, the verdict is in, I finally dragged myself into town to pick up some Uniqlo Heat Tech long sleeved tees and... They work! I wore two layered under my New Look plaid shirt yesterday and I was so toasty warm, I didn't even need to wear my coat.

I hate being cold, so this is fantastic news for me. As an added bonus, the material is thin and stretchy and the neckline is the perfect scoop neck - not too high, not too low. You could probably get away with layering about three pieces and you wouldn't need a jumper or cardigan.

You hear about these "miracle" garments from time to time and they are mostly disappointing but this time, the hype is true. My only quibble at the moment is that there don't seem to be that many bright colours in store. I'm hoping that they'll do some sort of Pantene colourways project like they did with the Cashmere last year. Oh and the product could be cheaper. If they were £5 a pop, I'd buy one in every colour.

The good news is, you can get 10% per cent of all orders online till 31 December by using this voucher code UNIQLOXMAS10 at checkout.

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