Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas gifts £10 and under

Continuing my self-appointed mission to provide affordable gift ideas that will actually earn you smiles of gratitude rather than a dirty look and a next Chritsmas regifting, here are my picks of Christmas gifts for £10 and under.

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Black felt hat with bow, $9.80; Forever 21
Necklace with mirror pendant, £10; Topshop
Floral bangle, £6.85; Accessorize
Owl ring, £7.80; Accessorize
Jewelled belt, £8; Boohoo
Cupcake pin, £8.50; Dolly Dagger
Snake bangle, £7.50; Miss Selfridge
Pink sequin fascinator, Star by Julien MacDonald@ Debenhams

You may have noticed that the gifts are distinctly accessory heavy. This is because:
  • Garments under £10 that you would give as a Chritsmas gift? Very few and far between
  • Buying clothes or shoes for anyone except you most nearest and dearest, is walking very dodgy ground, I tell you
  • Never. Ever. Buy underwear for anyone. No matter how near or dear. I speak as the voice of experience here. I shudder at the recollection.

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