Thursday, 16 October 2008

So Fugly! Kurt Geiger Baltimore peeptoe booties, £120

Let me say right off the bat: I like Kurt Geiger shoes. I may not be able to afford most of them but I can quite honestly say that I am yet to meet a Kurt Geiger shoe that I didn't like.

But I see the run of love is about to end. Because now, there are these. What are these? These are fugly arse shoes y'all. Damn, they look like they were hit by the fugly stick all the way down the production line.

Seriously, how much is going on here? Are those flames on the side? The metallic ones look like something that Nancy Dell'Oleo's (right, click to see the nightmare in detail) bad fashion nightmare might've puked up.

Speaking of old Nan, is it just me or is she looking rather good on her new image makeover. I am so glad she finally took out the hair extensions and bought herself a few skirt suits.

Back to the shoes... They are hideous and as if that wasn't bad enough, they also look cheap. To ask £120 for these in the middle of credit crunch mania... Why, it's like some sort of bad taste joke. Is it April Fools Day? No!

Kurt Geiger, please stop this. You are not just hurting me, you are hurting yourself.

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