Monday, 20 October 2008

I want it now! ASOS Petite floral dress, £38

Oh, to be petite! Now those are words I never thought would pass my lips. That is, until I saw this beautiful floral, tulip skirted dress available from the ASOS Petite range.

I know we should all be floral-ed out by now but if ever a dress could be made to count on the "winter florals" list, this would be it. This makes a welcome change from the LBD and the shiny and sequinned stuff that will - sure as eggs is eggs - be creeping it's way onto High Street shop floors like a tinselly rash.

This dress has cocktail chic and, worn with either a sheer tee or black polo-neck and opaques (and platform heels), will be something different for your winter party wardrobe. Added bonus, you'll be able to wear it next summer too.

Suddenly I rue the day I got so tall and am currently envious of all pint-sized people.

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