Monday, 20 October 2008

Nowt as queer as folk

Now, you know I'm not a one for outfit posts. This is mainly because when it comes to taking pictures of myself, I am cack-handed at best. This irks me. It irks me a lot. I like being good at what I do. Mediocre sucks.

Still, I thought I'd try the whole folk trend thing out a couple of weeks ago and kinda liked what I came up with. So, while rushing out the door on the way to work, I took a couple of pics. Whaddaya know? They came out relatively okay.
For some reason Russian Babushka dolls immediately came to mind. I guess it had something to do with the red and black colours and the florals. At least the ones I remember playing with and being quite obsessed with as a little girl were that colour.

But seeing as I'm not actaully wearing a scarf round my head (apparently doing so would make me "on trend" methinks it would also make me look like a dork!) I'd guess peasant/gypsy would be more apt.
The lovely Baboohska soft dolls at the top are from Erleperle. Check out her Etsy Shop here.

Dress, thrifted; scarf, Primark; boots, Topshop; black polo-neck, shrug, belt and ring, H&M

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