Sunday, 14 September 2008

A whole lotta hose

Like many fashion bloggers, I have a fascination with hosiery. Socks and tights are, afterall, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your wardrobe. Plus, they have the added benefit of keeping your legs warm. Especially if, like me, your more likely to be wearing a dress whatever the weather.

The easiest hosiery to wear is the thick black opaque - goes with anything and makes your legs look endless. But don't discount sheer, coloured, cutout and patterned tights, which are perfect for layering. And -unless you're seriously in the money- forget expensive tights.

You can get a whole load of funky looking tights on the high street for a fraction of the price of a Falkes pair and I regularly trawl my local charity shops for cheap vintage pairs in unusual colours (dusky rose, sheer purple, spotted raspberry...)
Black patterned tights over silver grey tights, both vintage thrifted

Vintage sheer purple tights, layered over Primark grey star print tights

I recently took a trip to Primark and came away with loads of tights at £2 a pop, including a 100 denier black pair and a thick, grey cotton-rich pair - both of which should see me through autumn and winter.

A cutout pair for £1 each, were a great bagain. They put in me in mind (texturally speaking) of that Stella McCartney cutout dress that Gwynnie wore to the Iron Man premiere. I intend to layer them over coloured and patterned tights for some added texture and as an alternative to the already ubiquitous lace.
Cutout tights layered over pink leopard print, both Primark

Cutout tights layered over vintage silver grey vintage tights

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